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Need Livescan Services? The answer is LiveScan USA and it's affiliate locations!

LiveScan USA is opening facilities in ALL 50 states for FBI ELECTRONIC fingerprint processing. Regardless of where you are - YOU TOO CAN OPERATE A LIVESCAN FACILITY and submit to the FBI for various applications. You own the facility, we provide the network!

Do you have fingerprint cards and need them submitted to FBI electronically so you get the response within 7 days (instead of 6 - 8 weeks)? Check out our FBI CardScan Service at

If you are interested in getting into this industry and providing service as a Livescan Operator, check out our Private Service Provider page. LiveScan USA also offers training for your livescan facility, check out our Livescan Training Program

We are expanding our network into other states throughout the US. we will attempt to provide you information on each of these states as they start using livescan technology.

LiveScan USA is the a COMPLETE source of information for Applicants needing Livescan Services in the State of California or Nevada. All California facilities listed are providers approved by the California Department of Justice (DOJ) as a livescan facility.

Need fingerprinting in YOUR area in California and on YOUR schedule? Call LiveScan USA's Referral line at 1-888-793-1112 or go to our Livescan Service page.


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